Dance Floors

12’x12 Teak floor - 16 sections$256.00
15’x15’ Teak floor - 25 sections$400.00
18’x18’ Teak floor - 36 sections$576.00
20'x20' Cherry Rose floor - 25 sectionsCall for pricing
21'x21' Teak floor - 49 sections$784.00
12'x12' White Marble Floor$320.00
15'x15' White Marble Floor$500.00
18'x18' White Marble Floor$720.00
12'x12' Black and White Marble Floor$320.00
15'x15' Black and White Marble Floor$500.00
18'x18' Black and White Marble Floor$720.00

Set Up Included On Level Grass Area. Prices Subject to Change Without Notice - Additional Charge May Apply.

* Additional Sizes Available *